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Episode 3 will come in Sep 02, 2017 - today
1 Wrong Side of the Tracks
Saturday Aug 19, 2017
The body of wealthy Richard Hodges is found along the Missouri River.
2 Secret Rendezvous
Saturday Aug 26, 2017
Twenty-three-year-old Navy veteran Raul Mendoza is found murdered after a night out in Houston, and police get a tip from Mendoza's sister pointing to someone they have met before.
3 What Happened in the Woods
Saturday Sep 02, 2017
In Oklahoma, the body of 18-year-old Jarret Clark is found floating in a lake, bringing a party in the woods to a tragic end; agents interview campers and come across a key witness.
4 Lethal Attraction
Saturday Sep 09, 2017
The body of 18-year-old Tina Hendricks is found floating in a Florida canal.
5 Deadliest Catch
Saturday Sep 16, 2017
After 32-year-old Mark Mueller's body is pulled from the shore of Lake Michigan, police wonder how his favorite fishing spot became a scene for murder; a burned-out car found miles away provides some answers.
6 Stranger in the Night
Saturday Sep 23, 2017
After the body of 18-year-old Sharyn Kills Back is found in a storm drain, Arlington, Texas, detectives are left with few leads; then, a tip comes in 20 years later, and detectives band together to bring her killer to justice.
7 Mystery at Palm Beach
Saturday Sep 30, 2017

Swamp Murders 5

IMDb 7 na min/episode
Moss-covered trees, dead-end trails, creaky docks and mangrove forests are the ominous backdrops for the murkiest of mysteries.
Steve Cook
United States
7.4 / 14 times
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