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Episode 8 will come in Jul 13, 2017 - today
1 Playing Advantage
Thursday May 25, 2017
After the death of a cricketer caught up in a betting scandal, Janet takes a job for the National Crime Commission investigating the dark world of organised crime & its links to match fixing & performance enhancing drugs.
2 Blindsided
Thursday Jun 01, 2017
Janet's estranged father suddenly re-enters her life suspected of fixing matches for the Northern Devils - a club already under intense scrutiny after their star player punches one of his teammates, resulting in his death.
3 Episode 3
Thursday Jun 08, 2017
When Janet's father becomes the NCC's main suspect, she's torn between compromising the entire investigation & the need to pursue the truth. But as evidence against him grows, is a daughter's heart overruling a lawyer's head?
4 Episode 4
Thursday Jun 15, 2017
If they find the drug responsible for Tyler's death, Nate will get off his manslaughter charge, but Maxine wants him to keep his mouth shut about the betting syndicate. The trial is fast approaching.
5 Episode 5
Thursday Jun 22, 2017
Janet helps homeless teen Pearl which leads her to the drug that contributed to Pearl's brother's death, uncovering a doping & betting scandal with sports agent Maxine Reynolds as key suspect.
6 Episode 6
Thursday Jun 29, 2017
7 Episode 7
Thursday Jul 06, 2017
8 Episode 8
Thursday Jul 13, 2017

Janet King 3

IMDb 7.9 60 min/episode
Senior Prosecutor Janet King returns from maternity leave to confront a high-profile murder, and a conspiracy which will have shocking ramifications throughout the judicial system.
Drama, Crime, Mystery
Damian Walshe Howling, Marta Dusseldorp, Christopher Morris, Andrea Demetriades, Peter Kowitz, Hamish Michael, Anita Hegh
7.2 / 36 times
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