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01 Fair Game
Sunday Jan 15, 2017
Carrie returns home to the US with Franny to work as an advocate for Muslim Americans. Dar and Saul brief President-elect Keane. Quinn struggles with his new circumstances.
02 The Man in the Basement
Sunday Jan 22, 2017
Carrie and Reda fight for their client while Quinn fights against his new life. Saul and Dar suspect Keane has a secret.
03 The Covenant
Sunday Jan 29, 2017
Saul goes to Abu Dhabi. Carrie delivers bad news. Quinn senses something.
04 A Flash of Light
Sunday Feb 12, 2017
Carrie handles her client. Saul's trip takes a turn. Quinn investigates.
05 Casus Belli
Sunday Feb 19, 2017
Keane gets sidelined. Carrie's work follows her home.
06 The Return
Sunday Feb 26, 2017
Carrie follows a lead. Saul meets an old friend. Keane takes a stand.
07 Imminent Risk
Sunday Mar 05, 2017
Carrie gets bad news. Saul makes a plan. Quinn accepts his situation.
08 Alt.Truth
Sunday Mar 12, 2017
Carrie and Saul present evidence to Keane. Quinn tracks a mark.
09 Sock Puppets
Sunday Mar 19, 2017
Carrie catches a break. Keane makes a plan. Max goes undercover.
10 The Flag House
Sunday Mar 26, 2017
Dar plays his hand. Quinn revisits his past.
11 R Is for Romeo
Sunday Apr 02, 2017
Carrie and Quinn make a discovery while Keane makes a decision and Max finds trouble.
12 America First
Sunday Apr 09, 2017
Season Finale. Pieces fall into place.

Homeland 6

IMDb 8.4 55 min/episode
Carrie Mathison, a CIA operations officer, is on probation after carrying out an unauthorized operation in Iraq. As a result, she has been reassigned to the Counter terrorism center. Whilst in Iraq, she was warned that an American prisoner had been turned by Al-Qaeda. When Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine Sergeant, is rescued after being held hostage since 2003, she suspects that he is the one. While Brody is received home as a war hero, Carrie goes to any lengths necessary to catch him out.
Drama, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Damian Lewis, Rupert Friend, Mandy Patinkin, Claire Danes, Morena Baccarin, F Murray Abraham, Morgan Saylor, Jackson Pace
Alex Gansa,Howard Gordon
United States
6.9 / 942 times
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