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Episode 2 will come in Jan 31, 2017 - today
1 A Close Slave
Monday Jan 30, 2017
A Roman slave helps his playwright master finish his latest opus - but at what cost?
2 Living with a Lie
Tuesday Jan 31, 2017
A writer fabricates an elderly relative to get time off work to start his novel - but his lie comes to life!
3 The Despot of Tea
Wednesday Feb 01, 2017
Dark, witty yarn about a jobbing actor who makes a smash-hit advert for tea in a former Soviet state.
4 The Survivor
Thursday Feb 02, 2017
In 1850, a man wakes after a long illness and finds he is being cared for by strangers - but isn't allowed to leave.
5 Proxy Lady
Monday Feb 06, 2017
Beth is contacted by a shy girl who used her image on a dating site and now wants Beth to meet her new beau.
6 Devil's Haircut
Tuesday Feb 07, 2017
A baritone sells his soul to the devil to ensure his barbershop quartet wins a competition.
7 The Disappearance
Wednesday Feb 08, 2017
An illusionist performs his 'the lady vanishes' act rather too well and wonders if he has genuine magic powers.
8 Pickled
Thursday Feb 09, 2017
A hapless former aristocrat stumbles upon an old house with a strange inhabitant.

Crackanory 4

IMDb 7.4 na min/episode
Crackanory is a storytelling television series aimed at adults, inspired by the popular children's series Jackanory. Each episode features two 15-minute tales narrated by contemporary comedians and actors, containing a mix of live action and animation and all read from the same oversized chair.
Martha Howe Douglas, Amy Hoggart, Tom Meeten, Kevin Eldon, Kenneth Collard, Matthew Steer, Cariad Lloyd, Jamie Glassman
United States
7.0 / 3 times
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