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Episode 8 will come in Oct 07, 2016 - today
1 Virgin Ground
Friday Aug 26, 2016
A gold rush begins when Shawn Pomrenke offers the fleet access to his virgin claim, rumored to contain millions of dollars in gold.
2 Fear the Reaper
Friday Sep 02, 2016
Emily must step up to save the season when Zeke's custom sluice malfunctions; the Kelly clan moves in too close to Vernon's claim; Mr. Gold races to plug a hole that threatens to devastate his empire.
3 The Plague
Friday Sep 09, 2016
The flu hits and crews are disabled from dredging while their teams recuperate. Steve Pomrenke makes a fatal mistake that could jeopardize the family's inland ambitions.
4 Double Jeopardy
Friday Sep 16, 2016
Halfway through the ice mining season the teams take a huge gamble by bringing in experimental equipment and ex-employees in efforts to double production. But will the efforts pay off or lose everything?
5 Backseat Diver
Friday Sep 23, 2016
With only two weeks left in the mining season, the window to mine gold is closing. Zeke's experiment with a double length hose puts his brother in danger. The High Noon's water heater suffers a deadly malfunction and tempers boil on the Wild Ranger.
6 Lady Luck
Friday Sep 30, 2016
With only 9 days left in the season, desperation and opportunity start to settle in. A double sluice and lack of divers means that Emily Ridel must face her fear if the Clark is to succeed. Shawn Pomrenke discovers the land sell of a lifetime.
7 Hello Heartache
Friday Oct 07, 2016
The miners sacrifice their sleep and their safety to push through the last 3 days of the season.
8 Goodbye Nome
Friday Oct 07, 2016
Shawn Pomrenke's master plan is about to pay out.

Bering Sea Gold 7

IMDb 6.7 43 min/episode
Each season of the show follows a different group of dredgers, those who search for gold in shallow waters, at the bottom of the sea or even ocean. They often collect paydirt, ground from the seabed that contains some precious ore.
Mike Rowe, Emily Riedel, Shawn Pomrenke, Steve Pomrenke, Zeke Tenhoff, Vernon Adkison, Cody Moen, Steve Riedel
United States
7.1 / 33 times
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